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“After trying Wing Chun classes with other teachers, I have finally found in Sifu Liao’s approach and philosophy a most effective method of training in the Wing Chun tradition.  Sifu Liao is a great teacher and a kind generous human being”

Dr. Hugo S.  (Psychologist)

“Sifu Liao can show you how a grounded and centered approach can be the most effective defence- even against a larger and more aggressive opponent.  This balanced approach can also be beneficially practiced outside of martial arts!”

Jill P.  (Assistant Crown Attorney)

“A practical approach to a traditional martial art.  Sifu Liao’s teaching transforms the art of Wing Chun into real-life tactical application"  

Rick H.  (Police Officer)

“What separates Sifu John from others is that he is committed to his art and to his students. He is the same person in class as he is outside. A role model and life coach to many, myself included. His passion is to help as many people as possible, a servant leader. His focus, unlike schools I've trained in, is not to make the most money, but to help the most people become the best they can be."  

Akiem R. - Z.  (Entrepreneur)

“Sifu Liao's perspective in martial arts and mentality is outstanding.  Besides teaching Wing Chun he also guides you to become a better person in life.  Really fortunate to have Sifu Liao as my personal trainer."  

Shirley C.  (Screening Officer)

“Sifu Liao is true martial artist.  His teaching methods are systematic and well structured. He has a palpable love for teaching and it shows in his attentiveness through the people he is leading, who enjoy his amiable and genuine nature.  His commitment to Wing Chun is susbtantial."  

Jason H.  (Security Specialist)

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Hasan H.  (Canadian Armed Forces)

“Going beyond drill and technique, Sifu Liao is a very engaging instructor who easily relates Wing Chun to the profession or interest of the student.  As a soldier, the economy of effort and soft control techniques of Sifu’s tailored program has been especially beneficial for me” 

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