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Stephen Chu

Certified Instructor Level I


I wasn't new to the martial art world.  I have a background in Tae Kwon Do and had some basic experience with another Wing Chun school.  What I was looking for was a more comprehensive and progressive martial art that I could do until I was in my older years.  Wing Chun and specifically, Shifu Liao's progressive Wing Chun teaching, creates a dynamic approach to the basic biomechanics (human movement) that the body goes through to achieve efficiency  of movement.  With the close quarter combat and criminal code compliant methods that Shifu Liao teaches, any student can be sure they will not be using excessive force, but most certainly effective force to stop any opponents.

There is no other martial arts instructor that I have met that can teach you by layer in his abilities so well, as to let you shine and improve your form.  In this way, you can truly learn as a practitioner of the art.  There is no instructor that has the passion as Shifu John.












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