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Russel Jerome

Certified Instructor Level I I


Why I embrace the  Black Dragon Wing  Chun system by John Liao more, is because in the 12+ Years of kung fu I had this desire  to test it out on people.  I knew it would work but i really had to test it, in my short time with Sifu John not only do I know will work I don't have the desire to test it on others . I have come to realize how his system calms me even more . For this reason I truly enjoy teaching it to others  as I continue my journey. 
If there's one thing I can pass on to anybody that I assist  Sifu John Liao in teaching his system of black Dragon Wing Chun is be the best that You can be I can't stress that enough. I find to many people try to follow others I want to be like him I want to be like that guy want to be like this guy . The key thing is to be the best that you can be because your not like the other person.  If you can do that then many thing's will come to you in the end. 

Its not a competition it's a life journey.












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