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Black Dragon Wing-Chun Inc. Canada Criminal Code Compliant

Black Dragon Wing Chun is committed to provide the highest quality martial arts instruction and training in a friendly and positive atmosphere.  Our instructors are highly trained and certified to guide you through your training.  At Black Dragon, people of all ages, with or without previous martial arts experience, can learn to defend themselves, get a great workout, have fun and ultimately improve as individuals.


The Black Dragon Wing Chun was founded in 2009 by Chief Instructor John Liao. The aim of Black Dragon is to elevate Wing Chun to its next evolutionary level.  At Black Dragon, the system of Wing Chun, as adapted by Chief Instructor John Liao, is complete and highly effective. It has evolved for application in the 21st century and is continually evolving. Practitioners at Black Dragon learn the complete traditional art of Wing Chun in depth. 

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